An Eagle Eye view of the Oscars

By Kyra Smith-Culllen & Kathleen Ellison
A&E Editors
Spencer Myers
Copy Editor

February 21, 2013

Best Picture

KSC & SM: The triumph of ‘Argo’ in recent award ceremonies has made me realize how much Hollywood enjoys this movie. Plus, patriotism will win the day to heal our bruised ego from last year’s French win.

KE: ‘Lincoln’, because it depicts a major historical event

Best Director

KSC & KE: Spielberg. His skill and the film’s success in the box office will help secure its lead.

SM: Wachowski Starship and Tim Tykwer win. They were not nominated, but they deserve to win for ‘Cloud Atlas’. And nobody can change his mind.

Best Actor

KSC & SM: Daniel Day Lewis’s dedication to the role helped ‘Lincoln’ dominate in theaters, and he deserves it.

KE: Hugh Jackman in ‘Les Miserables’. It was his best performance to date, and Hollywood obviously agrees, because he was awarded a Golden Globe for his role.

Best Actress

KSC & SM: Jennifer Lawrence, due to her phenomenal performance in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ and the movie’s success in the box office. And her winning would be a way to draw in the  youth demographic.

KE: Jessica Chastain. According to the critic’s opinion of her role in ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, Chastain’s talents shone through.

Best Supporting Actor 

KSC & SM: Tommy Lee Jones. He stood tall in his performance, even when standing next to Lincoln.

KE: Alan Arkin. His role in ‘Argo’ is rumored to have been astounding.

Best Supporting Actress

SM, KSC & KE: Anne Hathaway has this award in the bag. Her part in ‘Les Miserables’ had everyone in the theater bawling like a baby and her recent Golden Globe has revealed that audiences may not be alone in their appreciation.

Best Original Screenplay 

KSC: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ has the benefit of being a patriotic film about an event that occurred recently, so that might help in the final run.

KE & SM: ‘Moonrise Kingdom’. The Academy cannot ignore Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola forever!

Best Adapted Screenplay

KSC: ‘Lincoln’ has the benefit of being the highest grossing film in the nomination, and the masterful plot makes it deserve the award.

KE: ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’, primarily because reviews praise it.

SM: ‘Life of Pi’. Adapting highly religious  and philosophical prose is no easy task, so it deserves to win.

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