Film Box Retrospective: ‘The Black Swan’ with Kathleen Ellison

February 21, 2013

Stop right there. No, I am not reviewing the Natalie Portman movie, sorry to disappoint you all. I am reviewing the swashbuckling 1942 adventure directed by Henry King, and starring Tyrone Power, Maureen O’Hara, Laird Cregar and George Sanders. Trust me, this is good too.

This action adventure is about how the great pirate Henry Morgan (Cregar) becomes the governor of Jamaica and sets out to remove all the buccaneers polluting his waters. To help him, he enlists one of his old pirate friends, Jamie Waring (Power). Jamie runs into some trouble, though, when he has to fight the captain of The Black Swan, Billy Leech (Sanders). Things only get worse when Jamie meets the fiery Lady Margaret Denby (O’Hara).

This is a great swashbuckler! It really portrays pirates in a truthful manner, so feminists, don’t watch this. But the humor in it is great, especially when O’Hara and Power are on the screen. The two of them are hilarious in their hatred of each other. O’Hara is simply scintillating and refined, while Power is just rough and silly.

The plot is interesting, but predictable. This is made up for by the amazing cinematography, of which it won an Oscar for. The costumes are pretty awesome and the acting is just superb. The fighting scenes are excellently executed while the writing flows easily.

This adventure on the high seas has action, humor, romance and more. The brilliant characters alone make this movie fantastic.   It’s a great pirate movie and is a great way to spend the night procrastinating on that homework by dreaming of being a pirate.

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