Five Traumatizing Kids’ Movies

By Kathleen Ellison
A&E Editor

February 21, 2013

Many things are terrifying to a child, high among them vegetables and monsters under the bed. Children can have overactive imaginations that take mildly bad things and distort them into terrifying Godzillas of trauma. Although sometimes the simple mind of a child isn’t far off, especially with these disturbing kids’ movies.

5. ‘The Black Cauldron’

Perhaps you haven’t heard of this Disney movie. This story involves flying dragon-like monstrosities, a glowing red-eyed horned king, an army of the undead and people trying to kill adorable creatures. Besides that, it’s a pretty awesome kids’ movie.

 4. ‘Pinocchio’

“What’s so traumatizing about a wooden puppet who longs to be a boy?” Well you’re forgetting, for one, the scary whale, Monstro, but more importantly, the scene in which helpless boys are turned into donkeys and shipped to the salt mines. I cry every time when I see that donkey/boy crying for his mother.

3. ‘Rescuers Down Under’

Yes there are adorable animals, and yes they are humorous, and yes it’s set in Australia. Where’s the trauma? Well, the whole movie is about a pair of mice rescuing a kidnapped boy from a poacher. He puts the boy in a cage!  Of course, in the end he gets eaten by crocodiles, so it’s ok.

 2. ‘Dumbo’

Do I even need to explain this one? A poor baby elephant is abused and ridiculed, forcefully taken from his mother, put in a tiny cage and chained up. Also Dumbo gets drunk at one point and hallucinates some disturbing images.

1. ‘Witches’

Never have I seen a more terrifying movie. It is a story about ugly witches who do terrible things to children such as turning them into helpless mice. Anjelica Huston is scary beyond belief. For years, I looked at paintings and wondered if a poor child was imprisoned in them.

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