Welsh diamond shines in American entertainment

By Brittany Valentine
Online Editor

February 21, 2013

Chances are if you have a Tumblr, you have come across the woman with vintage attire, rocking false bottom lashes and

Photo courtesy of aceshowbiz.com

Photo courtesy of aceshowbiz.com

wearing her heart on her cheek. Marina Diamandis, or Marina and the Diamonds, is no newcomer to music and has finally made her way into America. Many will confuse the stage name “Marina and the Diamonds” as a band, but it’s actually her, and refers to her fans as the diamonds, who will surely be numerous  here in the States.

The Welsh native has been gaining fame in Europe since 2010 and her album, Electra Heart, reached No.1 in the UK and Ireland back in April 2012. Her sound began as indie alternative and has transformed into pop yet stays true to both sides while being compared to artists such as Florence + The Machine and Kate Bush. Some may compare her to artists such as Katy Perry but Marina sets herself apart with her unique style and her alto voice giving her a distinct personal sound.

The singer-songwriter once described herself on Twitter as, “A poet and totally knows it” and with her catchy and in-depth lyrics, it’s hard to disagree. She gained international attention with her hit “Primadonna” and embraces femininity in tracks such as “How to Be a Heartbreaker” and

“Homewrecker” – “I guess you could say my life’s a mess/But I’m still pretty looking in this dress/I’m the image of deception”. Besides being a woman, she nails love and relationships by depicting the thoughts that have run through everyone’s head in her songs “Lies” and “Starring Role.”

Diamandis’ sassy attitude and different sound gives hope to a bright future. She has already performed on “The Today Show” and “Big Morning Buzz Live with Carrie Keagan” in the United States. If you struggle with love, society, or finding your identity, and need upbeat music with an edge, welcome to the life of Electra Heart.

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