Classic storybooks seize silverscreen

By Kathleen Ellison
A&E Editor

February 28, 2013

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Photo courtesy of

I’m sure many of you have noticed the sudden string of media inspired by fairy tales, with shows like ‘Once Upon a Time’, and ‘Grimm’, and movies like ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, ‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Slayers’ and the upcoming film ‘Jack the Giant Killer’. Many would accuse Hollywood of being unoriginal because of this recent trend, but I disagree.

Fairy tales have persisted for hundreds of years in our culture. These stories have timeless aspects about them that have made them so popular. These stories were created with the intent that they would be told differently to match the current culture. So what Hollywood’s adaptations are following a time honored tradition of story weaving.

These fairy tales are meant to be told differently in reflection of the changing values and ideas of society. That is why we have these new stories with so many kick-butt characters; we respect people who fight for what they believe, or some would say were violent, but they obviously have not read the older fairy tales.

Despite society’s changing views, fairy tales are creatures that we hold dear in all cultures. These stories are trinkets that we tell to one another, that connect us all now, and in the past. Perhaps this recent trend will even lead to adaptations of the more obscure fairy tales, like ‘The Dragon of the North’ or the ‘Goose Girl’.

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