Cosmetic lovers rejoice!

By Angela Fries
Managing Editor

February 28, 2013

Who doesn’t like receiving a package? Subscription boxes have become the newest trend, sending out anything from dog

Photo courtesy of www.lolastarhearts.comGlossybox strives to create a special beauty experience.

Photo courtesy of
Glossybox strives to create a special beauty experience.

toys to wine.

Make-up subscription boxes have become immensely popular with young women.

Companies like Birchbox and Ipsy are receiving so many subscription requests that they’ve had to begin a wait list.

These companies are sending out between four and five cosmetic samples and occasionally include a full size of a product.

These products are typically from high-end cosmetic companies and are tailored specifically for each user based on a survey taken when registering for the subscription.

Ipsy and Birchbox  both offer this monthly service at a low $10 per month.

Glossybox is a bit more expensive at $21 per month.

With all of these services, shipping is free. Considering most high-end cosmetic products retail between $20 and $40 a pop, the samples practically pay for themselves. This is especially true when they occasionally send full size products.

By subscribing for multiple months at a time, they offer discounts.

Additionally, the websites for Ipsy and Birchbox offer tutorials every month for the samples they send out and offer discounts for the full size products of the samples.

Birchbox takes it even further by offering points for reviewing the samples sent to their

consumers every month. Consumers can redeem these points for full size products.

Ipsy includes a ‘Glam Bag,’ which is essentially a cosmetic bag, with their samples every month.

Most of the cosmetic sample subscription companies are now offering their services worldwide.

All of the make-up subscription box companies offer information, inspiration and advice for their users.

Cosmetic professionals and amateurs alike can benefit from these services.

Companies are making it easy to try out some of the hottest products on the market while getting inspiration from the tutorials on their websites.


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