Local authors gather in Williamsport

By Spencer Myers
Copy Editor

February 28, 2013

Are you interested in creative writing and have a desire to get to know other artists? Do you enjoy listening to a talented writer read a good piece of prose?

On Tuesday, March 5, several local writers will be reading short stories at Williamsport’s Alabaster Coffee Roaster & Tea Company. This free event will feature five writers and starts at 7:30 p.m.

Lock Haven native Jared Conti will be reading an excerpt from one of his novels still in the works. He said that he is “very honored to be invited” and hopes that reading there will “inspire him to keep going with what [he’s] working on.”

Williamsport resident Ian Killian will be reading a short story about bad luck. When asked about his story he said, “I’m basing it off of real stories I was told from family members and putting these intimate stories together to form like a history of bad luck through family.”  Killian is reading there simply because “he likes telling stories” and “wants people to connect to [them].”

Joshua Troxler will be reading an excerpt from his upcoming play “Silver Blooded Pastor”. He said, “I hope to see some relationships formed between the writers.”  He went on to mention that he expects a big turnout for the reading and that if the event goes well enough, it will be scheduled to happen every other month.

When asked about his hopes for the Williamsport literary scene, Conti said, “Williamsport has done a fantastic job on the arts scene. It seems to have a lot of artsy people in one spot.”

Killian was equally optimistic and said, “there are some talented people in this area that need another outlet. These readings can totally help that.”

Finally Troxler added to the enthusiasm by saying, “I think Williamsport holds some very smart people,” and said that he wants “to see if the community can go another step further and respond to work written now by their own.”


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