Miles apart but never in heart

By Jaimee Kester
Guest Writer

February 28, 2013

Being away at college is hard when your friends and family are far away. It’s even harder if your significant other is at home or at a different school. Here are five ways to make your long distance romance more fun until you’re together again!

Write handwritten letters to each other. Texting is great, but only so much love can be expressed in 160 characters. Handwritten letters let your significant other know that you took time out of your day just to tell them how great they are. Plus there’s something exciting about going to your mailbox and actually finding mail!

Skype is awesome for staying in touch with not only friends and family from home, but also having dates with your partner. Watch your favorite TV show over Skype every week and talk during the commercials. It’s like you’re together at home on the couch.

When you watch a fun clip online or find a new band share the link on their Facebook page. Showing your special someone your newest interest is much more exciting if they can see it, not just hear about it.

Phone Calls
College is a busy time, and texting only can accomplish so much and Skyping isn’t always possible due to roommates and internet problems. Set aside a specific time each week that no matter what, that will be dedicated to a phone call to your lover. Knowing you’ll talk to them will give you something to look forward to each week.

If possible plan an impromptu trip to visit your boyfriend or girlfriend. Seeing them in person beats all other forms of communication, and they’ll love the surprise. If a visit isn’t doable put together a silly package of things that make you think of them and mail it. The thought alone will make them smile, and you might get one in return.

Jaime is a freshman majoring in communication and can be contacted at


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