LHU plots new course for curriculum

By Tim Mack
Staff Writer

March 8, 2013

As the great songwriter Bob Dylan said, the times are “a-changin’” at Lock Haven University.

This year we’ve seen the opening of the first new residence hall in 40 years, and a science center is proposed to open in the fall.

University faculty is also considering making changes to general education requirements, which will be discussed over the next several months.

Lock Haven University Curriculum Committee (UCC) referred the proposal to the General Education subcommittee on February 28.

The Eagle Eye has been notified that, if passed, the proposed changes would not go into effect until the following school year. Additionally, future students – not current students – would be governed under these proposed requirements.

The proposal maintains many requirements and goals familiar to current Lock Haven University students.

Students will still be required to “develop critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, information literacy and oral and written communication skills.” These skills are cultivated through writing, speech and basic mathematics courses, which are described in the proposal as intellectual foundations.

One significant change in both general education proposals is the removal of a lab science.

Currently, students are required to complete two natural lab sciences. In both future models, students would be required to pass two natural sciences with only one being a lab.

The proposal adds a global citizenship component, requiring nine credit hours of classes that focus on international awareness. This component aims to give students the knowledge, perspective and reasoning to be competent global citizens.

To add a twist to this requirement, foreign language courses and a study abroad experience can only count towards six credit hours for the global citizenship component.

“The models they propose represent much continuity with the existing general education requirements and, at the same time, bring our program more into alignment with national research and best practices,” Lock Haven University Provost Dr. Donna Wilson said.

Lock Haven faculty will continue to evaluate these proposals in the upcoming months. Potential students should expect at least some changes to the general education structure.

“I believe the University will emerge with a streamlined General Education curriculum that preserves the best of our existing program but modifies it in ways that will support student learning for the 21st century,” Dr. Wilson said.

Tim Mack is a senior majoring in communication and political science and can be contacted at tmack@lhup.edu


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