Marcia Wolfson Ray’s Art Exhibit

By Kathleen Ellison
March 8, 2013
The Department of Visual and Performing Arts held an opening reception for the Marcia Wolfson Ray’s art exhibit Wednesday, March 4. Wolfson Ray also gave a lecture on her art and life during the reception.Wolfson Ray is a sculptor who uses natural materials such as grasses, hay, bamboo, wheat and leaves, which she gathers herself. The majority of her work is abstract and uses contrasts of natural material with geometric shapes.The exhibit opening was open to both students and faculty. When asked about the student turnout, associate professor Vance McCoy of the Visual and Performing Arts Department said, “[F]antastic, it’s typical of most of our shows. We have not only students, but also administrative faculty.”

One of the students, freshman art major Jessica Stringer, said, “I think it’s interesting how she uses natural found objects and how she controls the natural rotting process.”

The lecture was given in the gallery itself instead of the auditorium. Wolfson Ray described how she started out and what inspired her such as the work of abstract artist Paul Klee. Nature was another strong influence on her work. More recently, architecture too has inspired some of her sculptures.

When first starting, she would take material and put it in her studio to see what would happen to them as they decayed and how this could be used in her art. Wolfson Ray also described her experiences in trying to get into Maryland Institute College of Art.

She advised everyone to “Try things; don’t ever think you know how it’s going to go because sometimes you can really be pleasantly surprised.”

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