Stay safe on Spring Break

By Meghan Dashe

March 8, 2013

As spring break is approaching, many of us may be traveling to some warmer destination outside of the lovely town of Lock Haven. For those who have the luxury of heading down south for break or even out of the country, here’s some tips to stay safe and maximize your spring break trip:

If you’re gonna go out….
Go out with your friends, and then go home with your friends. It’s one of those things that keeps you a whole lot safer, and eliminates about 98% of the bad drama. Having your friends’ backs not only puts you in a better position, but also can help prevent anything bad from happening. Don’t go anywhere alone, even if it’s to the bathroom, especially in a crowded area. Never be afraid to utilize the buddy system!

If you’re gonna drink…
Do us all a favor (including yourself) and don’t be stupid about it. It’s so cliché, but be responsible. Make sure you pace yourself. It’s important to have fun, but it’s also important to stay safe and not put you or anyone you might be with in a hazardous situation.  Remember that no one you go with should be drinking or driving, and study up on the liquor laws wherever you’re going on spring break!

If you’re gonna hook up…
At least be safe about it! Make sure you’re fully stocked up on the necessary protection. Don’t let yourself do anything you wouldn’t want to do sober if you’ve been drinking. Make sure that anyone you might meet knows your boundaries before you decide to make a choice that will stay with you. Just be upfront with the person, you can always say,  “Hey good lookin’. I’ve had fun this evening, but no fornication tonight.” How’s that for smooth? But on a serious note, don’t ever let them try and convince you to do anything that you don’t want to do.

If you’re having an emergency…
Make sure you know what to do. In other countries, it’s easy to forget that the emergency number is not 9-1-1. Check out the website called Students Abroad, they provide a whole list of numbers for who to call in emergencies, evacuations, crime, etc. If you’re staying in the states, have someone on speed dial who you know will answer in case of an emergency!

These are just a few tips to help you ensure you can make the best out of your spring break trip. Stay safe, have fun, and make sure you take lots of pictures- these are some memories that you won’t want to forget!


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