Top 5 Harlem Shake videos on Youtube

By Christian Perry
Staff Writer

March 8, 2013

In case you haven’t seen heard, the Harlem Shake is basically a random video of a group dancing to one particular song. Now as for the Harlem Shake itself I have no idea what the dance is because everyone in the videos just seems to do their own thing. But the videos are hilarious and these are the top 5.1. Miami Heat Harlem ShakeLebron James and the rest of the Miami Heat decided to add to the Harlem Shake frenzy by making their own. In the video all members of the Miami Heat are dressed in ridiculous outfits and the dancing is outrageous. Some of these players are entirely too big to be doing these dances but it’s hilarious and as a Miami Heat fan I’m happy to see my team come together to goof off.

2. Army Shake
Out of all the Harlem Shake videos this was probably the most unexpected one I’ve seen. I mean who would think an army unit would take the time to make one of these videos. Dressed in full army uniform the soldiers show off some of their dance moves, even though they’re not the best dancers it’s good to see the army isn’t all work and no play.

3.Denver Nuggets
This one was just recently uploaded to YouTube but it still managed to get several hundred thousand views in the first few days it was posted. It seems the Miami Heat have created a snowball effect and soon all the teams will be making these videos.4. Ball State University Swim Team Harlem Shake

The swim team at Ball State University released their own version of the Harlem Shake in swimmer’s fashion..underwater! Yup, they’re underwater. It’s pretty cool because they have bikes, chairs and tables all underwater. I can barely open my eyes underwater and these guys are riding bikes and making dance videos! I must say I was impressed!5. Skydive Edition

You have to watch this one! As if jumping out of a plane isn’t crazy enough, a big group of people all do the Harlem Shake while free falling! Crazy? I know. If I could ever get the courage to skydive the last thing on my mind would be Harlem Shaking! I guess that’s why they’re the professionals… at least I hope!


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