Choir performs first concert with new director

By Katie Hibbard
Staff Writer

March 14, 2013

Photo courtesy of Katie HibbardDirector SeaHwa Jung leading the choir.

Photo courtesy of Katie Hibbard
Director SeaHwa Jung leading the choir.

This year’s spring choir concert was full of emotion thanks to a loaded set list as well

as an expectant crowd. Sunday’s concert was director SeaHwa Jung’s first with the LHU choirs.

Most of the students were open-minded about the transition from the fall semester’s choir director, Ron Miller, to Jung.

“I didn’t really have any expectations because every choir director is different,” Alexis Keeler, a second semester freshman member of the university choir, said. “As long as they challenge you and help you gain your full potential, they are a good teacher.”

Jung seemed very interactive with the choirs, directing vigorously, giving facial cues, and actively singing with the men’s choir.

Katie Hibbard is a sophomore majoring in communication and can be contacted at


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