Club spotlight: Alpha Kappa Psi

By Bill Whale
Staff Writer

March 14, 2013

On October 5, 1904, Alpha Kappa Psi was founded by four New York University students, Frederic R. Leach, Nathan Lane Jr., Howard M. Jefferson, and George L. Bergen.

Even though it was originally a strictly male fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi opened its doors to women in 1976.

However, all of the members are still considered “brothers”.

Currently, there are 13 members and 6 students pledging Lock Haven’s Alpha Kappa Psi Chapter, which is called Xi Pi.

Alpha Kappa Psi’s tagline is “Shaping People, Shaping Business”, and this could not be truer. It opens countless doors for its member during college and post-graduation through many networking means.

It is considered a business fraternity and looks amazing on any business administration major’s resume. However, being a part of this fraternity can also benefit members from other majors.

Alexandra Singer, the secretary on the executive board, is a great example of a brother who is making the most of being a member of Alpha Kappa Psi.

“Most people wouldn’t think twice about joining a co-ed professional business fraternity unless they were a business major. Everything comes down to business in the real world and it’s nice to have a step up on the competition.”

Although it is considered a professional business fraternity, members still know how to have a lot of fun.

Weekly meeting don’t just cover serious matters, the brothers also participate in activities and form lifelong friendships. Alex Rau, the Vice-President of Administration and Pledge Master, has been a member for three years and will tell you that he hasn’t always been an outgoing person.

“I wanted to be more social in my college career, as well as meeting individuals with the same interest as myself,” said Rau.

Lock Haven’s Alpha Kappa Psi chapter is also very involved in many events. These include going to the Business Leaders Institute Convention (which is in New Orleans this year), and The Academy, which gives  a few brothers free training  that you get once you are hired post-college that would cost your employer nearly $50,000.

They also participate in a competition that was started at Lock Haven University and is between all Eastern Region fraternities, called the Gauntlet.

On top of all of those fun events and opportunities,

Lock Haven’s Alpha Kappa Psi members also enjoy giving back to the community by participating in events like Sleep Out for Hunger, highway clean up, and the Turkey Trot.

Alex Rau had this to say to any potential Alpha Kappa Psi members:

“You won’t regret joining AKPsi.  It impacts your life in many positive aspects that you couldn’t possibly imagine. You’ll learn more about yourself, meet amazing people you didn’t know, network into areas where possible jobs can be caught, and have memories that you won’t forget.”

If you are interested you can go check out their Facebook page, Alpha Kappa Psi: Xi Pi.

Bill Whale is a freshman majoring in business and can be contacted at


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