Get pumped to pump iron

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Dayna Bloch
Lifestyles Editor

March 14, 2013

We’ve all been there, you make plans to start going to the gym on a regular basis, whether it be because you want to lose weight, stay healthy, or just want a little muscle, but when the time comes there always seems to be an excuse not to go. Even though it’s not always the easiest thing to do, hitting the gym doesn’t have to seem like such a chore.

Plan ahead. Pay attention to what you have going on throughout the week and plan your gym trips according to when you actually have the time to go. Saying the words “I’ll go to the gym later” doesn’t do anything; set aside an hour or two on a day that you will have the time to follow through with your workout plan.

Buy new gear. Even if you already have some workout attire, everyone loves new stuff. Buy some pieces in bright, fun styles that you feel good wearing. A new pair of shoes, running shorts, or sport wear is always a great motivator; since the gym is the only place these clothes will be appropriate it gives you a little more push to go use them.

Spice it up. Keep up your gym hype by changing your workout routine; doing the same exercises day after day will become dull and boring. Continuously doing the same exercises will make your routine mundaine and seem like more of a chore; trying new things when it’s workout time will build up the motivation to keep going.

Get a buddy. You are far more likely to be successful when you have a friend who can motivate you to stick to your workout. Find a friend who will push you and that you can push back; it’s nice to have someone going through the workout with you.

Join a class. If you’re lacking in the friend department, some can be provided for you. Find yourself a group that you find interesting and beneficial. Joining a group that you enjoy will motivate you to keep coming back from week to week.

Reward yourself. After a good week of dedicating yourself to working out, pamper yourself a bit. Go on a mini shopping trip, plan a coffee date with some friends, have a spa day; just do something fun for yourself. As long as your reward doesn’t involve a bowl of ice cream, small treats can become big encouragements.


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