Stop throwing trolley etiquette under the bus

By Danielle Turner
Staff Writer

March 14, 2013

In my limited experiences, the Lock Haven University trolley system is the closest I have come to public transportation. Yet, I still recognize that there are certain rules of, shall we say, etiquette, that people should follow when utilizing regular public transportation, and these rules should apply to the Lock Haven trolley system as well.

First of all, trolley drivers are doing students a favor. Our campus is not, by any means, large enough to necessitate public transportation, so the job they are doing could be considered unnecessary. It only makes sense that you should thank the trolley drivers upon boarding and exiting the trolley.

Treating your trolley driver with kindness goes a long way. I have witnessed a few people act downright rude towards the drivers, and I see this as completely unnecessary, just on the sole idea that human beings should treat each other with kindness.

Furthermore, this gratitude should be extended to the entire university because they provide this service to us.

After proper niceties have been exchanged, students should file onto the trolley in an organized manner. The first students to board the trolley should fill in all of the seats, and then those who have to stand should fill in the back first so as not to obstruct the walkway. If the trolley is full enough that people have to stand, those who need to exit first should seat themselves at the front of the trolley. While this shouldn’t be an issue because the trolley is usually only full between East Campus and Campus Circle so students should only need to exit at one place or the other, there are inevitably students each trip who expect to be dropped off at unique locations such as the railroad stops or at the Health Science Building. If students seat themselves accordingly, this doesn’t become an issue.

However, it does become an issue if students decide to become hostile when they can not be dropped off at these locations.

Undoubtedly, students are in a hurry to get to their classes and are therefore impatient to exit the trolley. Naturally, if the seating arrangement is chaotic, then departing from the trolley will be equally chaotic.

However, if the students who are in a hurry to exit attempt to remain toward the front of the trolley, then there will be far less chaos when exiting. Furthermore, I believe that the most organized way to depart the trolley is to allow the people who have had to stand and remain standing through the entire trip to exit first while the people who have been lucky enough to sit remain seated until their time comes. This should allow for a fast and organized exit, eliminating chaos.

While some people may believe that these rules seem to be common sense, or believe that they already follow these rules, my observations are that most students have no method to their madness when riding the trolley.

If students remain polite, organized, and courteous, then their experiences with Lock Haven public transportation will be positives ones.

Danielle Turner is a junior majoring in Secondary Education English and can be contacted at


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