Student starts record label

By Spencer Myers
Copy Editor

March 14, 2013

Photo courtesy of Erin Tierney

Photo courtesy of Erin Tierney

At 13 Abe Williams threw his first show.  It was a battle of the bands at the local fire hall in Jersey Shore, and was in one of the bands. Ever since, Williams has been working at bringing musical talent together to form a community of artists.

“It’s all scene,” Williams said. He went on to say that artists hold too strongly onto the belief that they can make it as solo projects.

The tagline for his current project, Beached Whale Recordings, is “artists helping artists.”

Williams has relationships with bands that he has formed over his years of playing and recording.

The recordings started with his cousin Andy helping a few of his friend’s bands accomplish “some of their dreams or some of their goals.”

In the summer of 2013, Andy and Abe were talking about recording again. Andy became increasingly despondent. That August, Andy took his own life.

Williams poured himself into the recording company. He mourned his cousin by “surrounding [him]self with him.”

Beached Whale has now recorded multiple local bands all on a donation basis.

The most recent bands recorded include The Drip, Gasholes, and We’re Not A Cult. Williams tells the artist to “pay what you think it’s worth.”

Through networking with other bands, Williams has managed to collect recording equipment and instruments.

He records from his living room. The closet has been padded and makes up the vocal booth. All of the bands so far have been recorded onto mp3 only, but he is looking to add hard copies soon. He is also looking to get the bands live gigs.

He ran a venue in Jersey Shore and is looking to start one here as well. He “plans on staying local” and says that “other places already have a scene.”

Beached Whale records can be reached at,, through twitter at @beachedrecords, through Facebook, or you can directly email Williams at

A Show for Andy will be hosted by Beached Whale records this April.

Williams said to “look for the fliers up around campus.”


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