Top 5 things to do over Spring break

By Christian Perry
Staff Writer

March 14, 2013

1. Go on vacation

After all the ups and downs of Lock Haven’s weather this season, I think its safe to say we all need a vacation to a warmer location. I wouldn’t mind spending my week partying on a beach somewhere down in Florida. For those of you going somewhere for break have some fun for me seeing as I’ll be doing job interviews all week.

2. Catch up with friends 

After weeks at school its always fun to go home and catch up with the friends. Hit the town, have a movie night, go out for some drinks, stay in and goof around; no matter what your group decides to do, have fun with it because the week will be over before you know it.

3. Sleep

Waking up everyday for 8 a.m. lectures or a work shift can be tiring, so when it comes time for spring break the only thing I can think about is all the days I’ll be able to sleep in. Rest assured, I plan on getting as much sleep as possible because I know as soon as we return to school, it’s back to the early morning wake up calls.

4. Enjoy home cooked meals

By the time spring break rolls around, Bentley and ramen noodles aren’t cutting it anymore. Everyone can agree that one of the best parts about leaving Lock Haven is going home to enjoy a good cooked meal that doesn’t have you worried about stomach pains.

5. Relax

This is the time where you can just sit at home and not do anything all day. If your days at the Haven are super busy then you owe yourself a few days of relaxation. Take advantage of the time you have and let yourself enjoy the peace of a few days away from school.

Christian Perry is a senior majoring in communication. 


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