Coach can ‘sense’ talent by way of ‘vibes’

By Erika Blanco
Editor de los deportes

April 1st, 2013

Mike Nestor, the head coach of the men’s LHU basketball team, is known for his ability to spot sheer talent on the court without ever seeing someone play.

Over Spring break, Nestor visited a number of high schools on the east coast for his annual recruitment process.

While in Massachusetts, Nestor found exactly what he was looking for.

Joe Smith, a senior at Lenox Memorial High School , is a 7’6 guard.

Nestor witnessed Smith walking into the high school before the game and instantly knew that there was something special about the athlete.

“I can’t quite place my finger on it,” says Nestor. “But I know for a fact that this boy has got talent just by the way he carried his gym bag.”

Smith, who has ben suffering from severe arthritis for the past seven years, said that he was overjoyed to be recruited.

“I never thought that anyone would see any talent in me,” Smith said with a tear twinkling in his eye. “Basketball was the last sport that I ever expected to be good at. I grew up tap dancing so I always thought that that was where life was leading me.”

From tap dance to basketball, Smith is sure to be a great addition to the Eagles next season.


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