Dank study methods for finals

By Brittany Valentine
Online Editor

April 1st, 2013

Photos courtesy of quickmeme.com

Great. May is right around the corner and we all know what that means. Finally–summer, graduation, and unfortunately, finals. Before you start to freak out, there are simple tasks you can carry out to prepare for finals that are fool proof.

Make time for preparation

First thing first;   in order to study for finals, you need to clear your calendar for this time. So skip all of your classes prior to finals week. It doesn’t matter what the attendance policy is at this point. Just go on ahead and not worry about them.

Find a good study area

Libraries are overrated. Peace and quiet isn’t really necessary to study effectively. What really works is an energetic and fun atmosphere. Go to your favorite restaurant or bar with your notes and just lay them out on the table. Maybe even participate in Movie Trivia at the same time! College is all about multitasking, right?

Relax! Take it easy

It’s now coming down to the last day or two before your first exam, and you got totally sidetracked! Stop panicking right now. It will only make things worse. So calm those nerves and repeat step two but with a drink or four.

Brainwash yourself

Finally, read every paper of notes that you have and memorize it down to every punctuation point!

And there you have it. The real trick to getting through finals! Why don’t you get started when you feel like it?


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