LHU decides to curl it up

By Angela Fries
Managing Editor

April 1st, 2013

Lock Haven announced on Tuesday that it will begin a co-ed curling team, also known as a mixed team, starting next November. The university plans on converting Roger’s Gymnasium into an ice rink specifically for the curling team.

The dean of students, Dr. Dwayne Allison, was unavailable for comment about the conversion of Roger’s Gymnasium.

“I think that it is awesome that they want to convert Roger’s Gym into an ice rink for the curling team,” said Colleen Rakowski. “It’s the perfect shape and there are plenty of other gyms to use on campus.”

The curling team name has yet to be announced but some of the names being thrown around include Slice and Dice, the Ice Vipers and Fire on Ice.

They have not decided on a coach for the team yet, but Stephen King, a brand new LHU student, plans on trying out to manage the team. Although King has had no experience managing a team before, curling is one of his favorite sports.

“I’ve loved curling ever since I was a kid and although I’m too old to play the sport, managing would be perfect for me,” said King.

Curling is a sport that is mostly established in Canada but Lock Haven University strives to be as diverse as possible, even when it comes to its sports.

Although the team may need to travel to Canada to compete, there seems to be many fans backing the team already.

“I would totally be willing to drive to Canada to watch our curling team compete,” said Katie Hibbard. “Curling is just one of the best sports of all time!”

Anyone interested in joining the curling team can contact Tyler Dinsmore by emailing him at LHUcurling@gmail.com


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