Top 3 April Fools Day prank videos

By Christian Perry
Staff Writer

April 1st, 2013

1. Fake Army Letter Prank

In this video a high school boy makes a fake army letter that says he’s leaving high school early to join the army. Like any mother you can imagine her reaction. She wasn’t the happiest camper to say the least.  She should have known better. It’s April Fools’ Day!

2. Fake Pregnancy 

As a parent of a high school kid, the word pregnant is the last thing you want to hear. In this video, the parents come home to their son and his friends all huddled around the dining room table. Like any concerned parent , they ask what’s wrong. That’s when he drops the bomb that his girlfriend is pregnant. I won’t tell you how the video ends—you’ll have to go find out yourself!

3. Prank on the Governor

Governor Mitt Romney is suppose to give a speech to a room full of Republican Party members—or at least that’s what he thinks. After a pretty believable introduction the governor walks into an empty room. April fools, Governor Romney.

Christian Perry is not a senior majoring in communication.


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