Top tips for triumphant tricks

By Kyra Smith-Cullen
A&E Editor

April 1st, 2013

When it comes to pranks, colleges have a reputation for being the breeding grounds of some of the most elaborate done. Furniture has been glued to the ceiling, floors covered with plastic cups – all containing liquid- and, in one especially monumental prank, creating ‘fake’ UFOs that glide over the town. While we encourage students to partake in the tradition, remember to prank safely and responsibly..

Saran wrap

The cheap material is surprisingly useful in several mischievous manners, but none more so to stretch a piece over the window. Simply take a piece of plastic wrap and stretch it across the doorway, tapping it at face level to hold it in place. The results may vary based on lightning and it shouldn’t be done when your friend is rushing to some class.  When they come out of the room, they’ll run into the invisible barrier.

Bubble wrap

This a great plan when all the variables are accurate. Wait until the roommates leaves for classes and won’t be back until later. Buy some rolls of bubble wrap (Walmart has it in the stationary section) and proceed to put some under the carpet, bed sheets, or even the bottom of the chairs.


Much like the idea of filling a hall with the cups, this prank is designed to take up the most space possible. Simply blow up the balloons and leave them in your friend’s room. It might take some time to blow them all up and take them to their room but they will stay inflated in their room for quite a while. As a bonus, after you’re done with the balloons, you can play with them!


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