Film Box Retrospective: ‘The Dark Crystal’ with Kathleen Ellison

April 4, 2013

I’m sure everyone knows who Jim Henson is, right? You know the guy who created the Muppets? It may come as a surprise to some that Jim Henson is known for more than just the Muppets. Besides creating the amazing movie “Labyrinth”, Jim Henson also created and directed this 1982 film with director Frank Oz and starring Stephen Garlick.

On a faraway planet an evil race of lizard creatures called the Skeksis rule the planet with help of the Dark Crystal. Meanwhile the peaceful Mystics, wizard-like creatures, give an orphan Gelfling, Jen (Garlick), a quest to find the missing shard of the Dark Crystal and bring peace to the world.

I have never seen anything like this movie. The entire movie is done with the gorgeous puppetry of Jim Henson. The strange creatures and the fantastic sets create this incredible world that just punches your eyeballs with awesomeness. I cannot adequately voice how mind-blowingly beautiful the puppetry, sets, and just the movie in general is.

The music score is exquisite and really enhances the atmosphere of the film’s setting. The movie is relatively complicated at first, but eventually evens out as it goes. The plot takes the common element of a quest and creates a vision that never fails to engage the audience. The characters are incredibly formed and very fleshed out. The plot and characters are seemingly simplistic and yet Henson manages to weave them into an intricacy that defies understanding.

This movie is a piece of cinematic genius. This otherworldly movie will enchant your eyes and whisk you away to “Another World, Another Time…In an Age of Wonder.”

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