Horror game dissects the dark with chainsaws, curses and zombies

By Kathleen Ellison
A&E Assistant

April 4, 2013

Photo courtesy of mad-father.wikia.com

Photo courtesy of mad-father.wikia.com

Recently over the weekend I found myself playing a number of horror adventure games. I’m not usually into the horror genre whatever the medium, but I actually really enjoyed playing these games, in particular one called Mad Father. Mad Father is a free horror-puzzle game created by Sen using the Wolf RPG Editor, and translated by vgboy (vgperson).

The game follows the story of Aya Drevis, a German girl, who lives in a large mansion with her scientist father and his assistant, Maria. On the night of the anniversary of her mother’s death Aya wakes to find the house cursed and filled with zombies, ghosts, and other deadly creatures. She then sets out to save her father and face the horrifying secrets of both the mansion and her father’s experiments.

This game kind of took me back to the old Zelda games. The graphics weren’t too bad. Game play is simple; you can walk, run, and at one point wield a chainsaw. The majority of the game is puzzle based although you do have to fight off zombies and ghosts multiple times.

The artwork was really good actually, and the characters were interesting, although Aya kind of started to annoy me at some points (mostly her screaming when I kept dying). The plot is interesting and has four different endings.

You get attacked by zombies and monsters. Ghosts pop up out of nowhere. Yes, I screamed at the jump scares, but I’m scared easily. I could not handle being chased by zombies and randomly being attacked, but nonetheless I kept playing instead of going and playing one of my old Pokémon games, which would’ve been much safer.

It’s a great game and I strongly recommend it to anyone who has some down time and wants to play a free horror game. You can find the game at http://www.vgperson.com, but you need RPG Maker installed to play, which you can get at dl.degica.com. Happy gaming!

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