Kiss winter goodbye

By Lisa Conner
Guest Writer

April 4, 2013

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Goodbye winter and hello spring!  Forget about the stress brought along with projects and classes; cheer up thinking about some of the best things soon to come with this spring season.

Get ready for a permanent smile on your face as flowers bloom, grass turns freshly green, new leaves appear on all the trees, and the sun seems to be constantly shining.  Take note of the trees alongside Woolridge and Smith as the white petals begin to bloom.

Warmer weather brings with it a great change of wardrobe.  Pack away those heavy sweaters, and break out the flip flops, tanks and don’t forget about those sunglasses!

Spend some time outside! Support Lock Haven’s sports and cheer on your classmates while soaking in some much needed Vitamin D.

Get active yourself and take advantage of the good weather by taking a walk on the dike or a stroll around town. If  school seems to be taking over your life, take your books outside and do homework in the sun.

Look on the bright side of these April showers and bring out your inner child by playing in the rain.  If the rain is still getting you down, remember that summer is just around the corner.

Now get out there a catch a little spring fever of your own!

Lisa is a sophomore majoring in advertising and public relations and can be contacted at


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