Top 5 hashtags on Twitter

By Christian Perry
Staff Writer

April 4, 2013

After suffering one of the most gruesome sports injury I’ve ever seen Louisville guard Kevin Ware was an immediate trending topic. With prayers from fans of all sports and even some professionals like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Rajon Rondo. There is no doubt that #prayforware was on your timeline.

Last night the four time NBA champion and three time finals mvp was trending because Shaq’s jersey was retired at halftime of the Laker vs Mavericks game. Tweeters all over were sharing some of their favorite memories of this player and with the enormous amount of highlights and hilarious moments in Shaqs career, people had a lot to talk about.

Yu Darvis Pitcher for the Texas Rangers had the twitter world going crazy by almost pitching the first perfect game of the season. The pitcher was one out away from the perfect game when shortstop Elvis Andrus hit the ball right between his legs. Even though he didn’t complete the perfect game, it’s still pretty impressive.

After scoring 50 points against my team, Miami Heat, Carmelo Anthony was unfortunately all throughout my time line. I have to admit it was a pretty impressive game but I can’t be too impressed because we were missing three starters including Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. I think we all know if LeBron was playing there would have been no 50 point game.

Tweeters from all over were sending tweets to their future boyfriends and girlfriends. In my opinion this is just a little weird, but hey do what you have to do I guess. Just make sure not to tweet the wrong thing or else the future partner you were hoping for just might not come through. But good luck with all that.

Christian Perry is a senior majoring in communication. 


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