“Where good intentions come to die”

By Jaimee Kester
Staff Writer

April 4, 2013

Photo courtesy of pinterestfail.comPinterest inspired creations don’t always meet up to their expectations.

Photo courtesy of pinterestfail.com
Pinterest inspired creations don’t always meet up to their expectations.

In the past year, the social media website Pinterest has taken America by storm. This site allows users to virtually ‘pin’ ideas and crafts onto different boards which vary from different hobbies to your celebrity crush.

Users can repost different pictures of outfits, home repairs, favorite quotes, pictures of cars, song lyrics, weddings, and most popularly crafts.

Pinterest is a creative person’s dream compiled in a neat, easy to navigate website. There are wonderful pictures of various crafts and culinary creations.

Need to place your keys somewhere other than a pile on your coffee table? Pinterest will teach you how to turn a picture frame into a handy key rack.

Need to feed a hungry class of 6 year olds? Pinterest has healthy snacks that will correlate to whatever season or holiday is nearing.

While Pinterest is a great way to waste time and live out your dreams, when it comes time to executing the crafts of your choice it’s not as easy as clicking repin.

There are multiple pictures and web memes dedicated to Pinterest Fails that document users that have failed at crafting and baking Pinterest creations.

PinterestFail.com is a website set up like a blog where users can submit pictures and descriptions of their Pinterest Fail. The website’s tagline is: “Where good intentions come to die.”

The creator, Jenna, posts her own fails as well, usually placing the original picture of what the finished product is supposed to look like alongside of the failed attempt.

PinterestFail.com is the perfect remedy for a bad day and allows you to rethink those festive cookies you repined in the hopes of impressing your friends and family.

Jaimee Kester is a freshman majoring in communication and can be contacted at jlk7206@lhup.edu.


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