Get fit for fun in the sun

By Lisa Conner
Staff Writer

April 11, 2013

With the weather getting warmer it is a good time to get in shape.  For those of you who want to work out that have never done this before, here are a few tips to get you started.

Don’t start out too hard – Begin with only 15 or 20 minute workouts for the first few times. If it has been a while since your last workout it is important to start out at a realistic pace.  This will be very

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beneficial in decreasing how sore you feel.  Don’t get me wrong, you are going to be sore; you just don’t want to be so sore that it kills your motivation to work out.  When your workout seems to be getting a bit easier add time in increments of five minutes and before you know it you’ll be going for an hour!

Slow and steady – Start your fitness plan by only working two days a week.  This is a realistic commitment to follow and is harder to break.   Once you have kept the two day commitment for a while, you can work up to three days per week, then four days, and so on.  By beginning at five days a week you open yourself up to failure and will feel bad if you don’t live up to the commitment.

Hydration, hydration, hydration – When doing any sort of physical activity it is very important to stay hydrated, you definitely don’t want to pass out.  Make sure that you drink plenty of water before you work out as well as after.  Don’t forget to drink water at least thirty minutes prior to your exercise to avoid stomach cramps.  Drink water after because your body has lost a significant amount of water weight and need to be refilled.

Healthy eating – Your body moves sluggishly when you don’t eat a good diet.  Before you work out try eating healthy foods.  It is very important to stay away from sugary and greasy foods prior to working out.  I’m not saying you have to quit eating your favorite snacks cold turkey, just try exchanging a few things.  Here are some easy substitutes: wheat bread instead of white, fruits and veggies instead of chips, applesauce instead of cookies, and

yogurt instead of pop tarts.

Start and end with stretching – Remember to stretch before and after working out.  Stretching

before eliminates the chance of injuries and stretching after is a nice cool down that will help with soreness.  Just remember to stretch to the point of discomfort not pain.

Take these easy tips into consideration when beginning a workout routine and it will make your fitness a lot more enjoyable. Adding this to your life will build your confidence in not only the way you look but in the way you feel.  Remember, swimsuit season is just around the corner. So get motivated!


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