Recognizing the enslaved: Endit event heightens awareness on campus

By Lisa Conner
Staff Writer

April 11, 2013

“Every 30 seconds, one person is sold into slavery,” professor Mitchell said in her speech at the EndIt: Shine a Light on Slavery event held on the Russell lawn Tuesday night.

This candle-light vigil was held to raise awareness that there are still 27 million people suffering from slavery today. This vigil also recognized the men, women and children who are still trapped in slavery in 161 countries, including the United States.

Professor Mitchell pointed out to everyone who shops at Wal-Mart, that all of the workers at a factory for Wal-Mart in Bangladesh were killed by a fire that started in the factory because the doors were locked from the outside.

Mitchell said that by making small purchase changes we can all make a difference. She said that by giving up a latte a week and buying a free trade product instead can make a huge difference. Mitchell also said that researching what the labor laws are on the brand of clothes you buy can also make a significant difference.

In reference to what Dr. Mitchell said during her speech, freshman Dan Everett said, “It heightened my awareness and strengthened my conviction.”

At the end of the speech, students had a moment of silence and were lead in prayer by senior Aaron Jackson. After the prayer the students took white candles and walked around Russell lawn twice then formed a “X” in the middle of the lawn to signify putting an end to slavery.

Many student organizations were involved in putting this event together including, New Life, CFS, Black Student Union, Sophisticated Ladies, Warehouse, VSU, Hope Center, Students Against Sweatshops, Zeta Psi Beta and Psi Beta Sigma.

Graduate Student Brianna Bergey said, “It’s much less about raising funds and more about raising awareness. That is the whole point of the EndIt Movement.”

Lisa Conner is a sophomore majoring in communication, public relations and advertising and can be contacted at


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