Staying focused with spring fever

By Jaimee Kester
Staff Writer

April 11, 2013

Warm weather and knowing that summer is only five weeks away makes it nearly impossible to study or focus on work. Studying is just as important as laying on a blanket with friends in between classes. Here are some tips to help keep you motivated through the end of the semester.

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Photo courtesy of

Start a countdown on your phone or laptop with the days left until summer vacation. Seeing that there are fewer and fewer days left is the perfect motivation to get all your work done, it will also make you more excited for the upcoming break.

Make Summer Plans
Make plans with friends from home to go somewhere special as a way to celebrate  getting through the past year. Knowing that you’re going on the trip is the perfect end of the year goal to acing all of your

last minute assignments.

Reward System
Sunny skies have finally replaced the gloomy days Lock Haven is known for. It’s tempting to blow off class and studying to play Frisbee with friends or lay out in the grass all day long. Try setting up a reward system for yourself. Study for an hour and then go outside and relax for a while before picking up another book.

Get Outside
Studying in the library for too long gets boring and stuffy, and makes you not want to get anything done. Go outside and clear your head to refresh yourself. You’ll feel better  afterwards and get a lot more accomplished.

Jaimee Kester is a freshman majoring in communication and can be contacted at


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