Top 5 ways to survive the last few weeks

By Christian Perry
Staff Writer

April 11, 2013

1. Don’t procrastinate
I’m probably the king of procrastination, but when the last few weeks come around I make sure I do all my projects and assignments when I get them. This is the time when professors tend to pile on assignment after assignment, so if you don’t want to be stuck in the library all hours of the night do your work!

2. Study
With these last few weeks before finals we’re all going to have our fair share of tests and quizzes. So when you have a test, study for it way ahead of time so you can get a good night of sleep before the test, go in there and own it!

3. Make a plan
If you’re someone who forgets everything or likes to put it all off until the last minute, make a list of all that you have to do and organize it by deadlines. Things that are due sooner obviously need to be done first and big projects should be spaced out so you’re not faced with everything all at once.

4. Find a group
If you feel like you have no life because you’ve been studying so much, make a study group with some friends. You’ll be able to spend time with some friends while preparing for the upcoming finals, just make sure you’re actually getting work done and not just messing around.

5. Have fun
I know everyone is swamped with work and tests but this is probably the most important tip of them all. It’s the last few weeks before summer break and some of you won’t see your friends until August. For the seniors that are graduating, this may be your last semester of college EVER! So go enjoy yourself; just be safe and don’t do anything stupid!

Christian is a senior majoring in communication. 


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