Experiencing Eastern Europe

By Cati Keith
Staff Writer

April 18, 2013

Are you interested in studying abroad but are not sure where to go? Take a look into Eastern Europe, a region of the world that is not considered very often, but has a lot to offer.

Photo courtesy of Cati Keith.

Photo courtesy of Cati Keith.

One country in Eastern Europe is Ukraine (right next to Russia).

In the Ukraine, Lock Haven University is partnered with Chernivtsi National University. The campus is very large and home to many beautiful buildings.

“The campus is really beautiful and because of its historical importance, it is protected by UNESCO,” said Bogdan Cherevko, a student from Chernivtsi who is studying at Lock Haven University for four years.

Students of the campus have access to a botanical garden, museums, a large library, and many activities. As far as academics go, there are 56 departments and 34 disciplines, the campus has 14 classroom buildings for more than 10,000 students.

Cherevko also said there are some famous people who attended Chernivtsi and because of this, the school sometimes hosts international conferences.

As an exchange student, one can choose to learn either Russian or Ukrainian, as well as three other required courses about culture, history, and economics.

Recently, Jennifer Bloom, a student from LHU, has returned from studying abroad at Chernivtsi. She said her experience in the Ukraine was unique and filled with many adventures. As a geology major, Bloom was interested in going to Chernivtsi because she wanted to study the rocks in the area.

“I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful geologist who was a professor at the university,” said Bloom.

She believes that students should study abroad because it is a great way to learn new things along with new languages. Bloom suggests that anyone considering going to the Ukraine should know basic Russian or Ukrainian because it helped her out a lot with her experience.

For more information about the study abroad program in the Ukraine, or any of the programs offered at Lock Haven University, be sure to stop in the Institute for International Studies’ office in Akeley.

Cati Keith is a senior majoring in communication and can be contacted at ckeith2@lhup.edu.


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