Standing strong to take back the night

By Chris Gill
Staff Writer

April 18, 2013

Photo courtesy of Chris Gill.

Photo courtesy of Chris Gill.

Lock Haven’s 5th annual “Take Back the Night” event occurred last night on the steps of Price Auditorium.

It was sponsored by the HOPE center on campus, in an effort to help raise awareness of sexual violence and its impact on the country and on Lock Haven as a community.

The event opened with Dr. Lisette Schilling welcoming a cadre of students, faculty, and adults from Lock Haven.

Several members of LHU staff and members of the hope center shared stories and talked about the ugliness of the world and how we need to be aware and be ready to stand up for the rights of women and men.

The true impact of the event, at least from my perspective, came when two exceptionally brave students took the microphone and shared with the people gathered their own encounters with sexual abuse and rape. Their stories and the series of speakers really demonstrated the significance events like this can have for a community like ours.

After the students spoke it was time to march on the city of Lock Haven, the crowd, lead by members of the hope center, took to the streets with  people chanting things like “Wherever we go, however we dress, no means no, and yes means yes!” and “Women united…Will never be defeated! Survivors united…Will never be defeated!”

This event really brought to light the importance of educating people on rape and the efforts we should all take to preventing these kinds of catastrophes from happening.

As the chanters proclaimed, “Claim our bodies, Claim our right, Take a stand, Take back the night!”

Chris Gill is a junior majoring in education and can contacted at


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