Top 5 Twitter accounts to follow

By Christian Perry
Staff Writer

April 18, 2013

1. @ESPN
For all of you sports lovers out there the ESPN account is by far the best Twitter for you to be following. It gives you access to all the breaking news in sports. If you want to be the first one of your friends to learn about the latest game, ESPN is the account to follow.

 2. @CNN
Don’t have time to sit and read the paper or watch the news throughout the day? The CNN account gives you the worlds breaking news in an attempt to you updated on almost anything going on, whenever it is most convenient for you.

3. @UberFacts
Über Facts is an awesome account. It tells you the most random facts you could ever think of. For example, did you know chainsaws were originally created as tools to help deliver babies? For more random facts, this is the account you want on your timeline.

4. @Time
The Time Magazine Twitter is another news type of account. The cool thing about this account is that it not only posts breaking news but it also has pictures, video and audio. It also posts a lot of its articles so you can stay caught up.

 5. @Aye_CP
Now this may be the best of them all. This guy just has some awesome tweets about anything you can think of and is definitely someone you need to follow. OK, you caught me, this MAY or may not be my Twitter account but if I’m listing top five why not list my own?

Christian Perry is a senior majoring in communication. 


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