Creativity Corner


By Lauren Waters

If everyone had a soundtrack to their life playing,

Would silence be loud?

Like a hive of bees buzzing so chaotically,

Would we even notice the music?

Or would that be our way of recognizing one another?

Recognizing our soulmates?

Our friends?

Our family?

Would god be the musician who formulated these tunes?

Tunes which would probably scatter and diverge into differently similar melodies,

Growing over time as we ourselves age and flourish,

Yet still be recognizable to people around us,

still uniquely our own,

Would these soundtracks change our sight?

The way we view the world around us?

Would colors be more lyrical?

Textures become more texturized?

Would all our senses change or none at all?

Would we simply have a new sense?

A new sense of who’s who and what’s what….

I keep pondering this,

And pondering and pondering,

Such a depth I can go,

So philosophical and deep,

Like trying to explain the mysteries of life and death,

And everything in between,

So if these soundtracks were real,

What would mine sound like?

Lauren Waters is a sophomore majoring in English and can be contacted at


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