University play enchants the audience

By Lauren Waters
Staff Writer

November 21, 2013

The sound of vintage music set the mood as people filed into the main theater in The Sloan arts building to see the production of Expecting Isabel on Nov. 15. The University Players, in association with the LHU Theatre Department and Student Auxilary Services, performed the production by Lisa Loomer.

People were grooving and tapping their toes to the beat. The stage was a simple design of two chairs, a rug, and a stool. It was lit with only a blue backdrop and the rest of the stage was dark. I sat tapping my foot to the music in the back and had a nice view of the stage.

I found my seat easily after I got directions from the usher at the door. This was my first production at Lock Haven and it was very helpful to have someone at the entrance telling people where to go. I didn’t have to wait long for the show to start; it was on the dot at 7:30p.m. and without a hitch.

The play followed the journey of a couple, Nick and Miranda, who were trying to have a baby. Nick convinces Miranda to have a baby and helps her to overcome her fears of child watching too much violent television or that the world is too over populated. They finally decide to have a baby, and try, but can’t seem to get pregnant.

Nick was played by Tyler Noll, a sophomore and criminal justice major here at LHU. Noll played the character very well. He was very convincing in his portrayal of a frustrated husband who just wanted to have a family and please his parents and wife.

Miranda, Nick’s wife, was played by Karly Lindemuth, a freshman and also a criminal justice major. She was amazing as the leading lady. She was witty and also fit her role as Miranda. She and Noll seemed to have a lot of chemistry in their portrayal of a husband and wife.

They both were very convincing in their roles and were simply wonderful to watch. There were seven other actors on stage with the couple who were just as amazing and convincing. They made the audience laugh and everyone was having a good time.

The stage crew worked silently and quickly without any mistakes. Scenes were transitioned with a mix of vintage and modern music. The lighting was blue in the beginning, middle, and end of the show, but changed throughout to set each scene.

The set was simple but worked well with the production; it added character and atmosphere to the whole show. I think the set was just simple enough to be perfect. I don’t think it needed anything more.

Overall, it was a moving performance and made the audience chuckle non-stop. It was witty and interesting and I had a good first show experience here at Lock Haven. All of the actors were impressive which made for an excellent show. This show exceeded my expectations and left me with a good feeling.


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