Top five Fall Out Boy songs to start off a new tour

Zach Estright
Staff Writer

February 20, 2014

The alternative punk rock group Fall Out Boy that has everyone going down swinging is on tour during the 2014 Monumentour. They have joined forces with the group Paramore and are going to rock the stages across America. For any students who are big Fall Out Boy fans, here are tour dates in Pennsylvania. Ticket sales go fast so grab them when you can!

–       July 19, Hershey, PA

–       July 3, Burgettstown, PA

For those people who are just becoming fans of Fall Out Boy, there lies a tale about four boys in a broken down van trying to make it big, but that won’t be told here. Fall Out Boy became a band in 2002 with the members Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Andy Hurley, and Joe Trohman. The boys released five studio albums. The album that was released most recently was “Save Rock and Roll”.

In honor of Fall Out Boy being so personal with their fans and going on tour all the time, here are the top five best Fall Out Boy songs:

5. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up): This song just screams originality. This song was named the best sports song for this year!

4. Thriller: The lyrics in this song will bring a person’s hopes up. The best line in the song is the chorus “Long live the car crash halls. Cry on the couch let the poets come to life, fix me in 45.

3. Saturday: This song is their roots! This is what the old school Fall Out Boy sounded like. The scream-o is what makes this number three.

2. Thnks Fr th Mmrs: Enough said, the song explains itself. Catchy tune, catchy chorus, what else do you need?

1. Sugar We’re Going Down: Come on, this song is what made Fall Out Boy famous. It also won a lot of girls’ hearts and made boys seem not as bad. This song also has a melody that can get stuck in your head for hours.

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