Countdown to the Oscars: Dallas Buyers Club

Lisa Conner
Staff Writer

February 27, 2014

This film had the ability and the authenticity of pulling the audience into a time warp and back into the 80s.  Perhaps this is part of the reason why it has been nominated for six Oscars and won two Golden Globes.  Along with being nominated for Best Motion Picture of the Year, the stars of the film are also being nominated and recognized for their roles.

Dallas Buyers Club demonstrated the seriousness and frightening aspect of having AIDS during this time of ignorance.  Matthew McConaughey’s character Ron Woodroof has been diagnosed with AIDS.  Woodroof, who had always been homophobic, found himself being ridiculed by his friends and was associated with being gay.  I found this aspect of the film very heart wrenching.  To have your friends and those you love turn on you when you need them the most is one of the worst experiences that could happen.

I loved how Woodroof developed a relationship with a transsexual man.  At first they were just business partners and Woodroof was always trying to keep his distance to make sure Rayon didn’t hit on him.  Their relationship progressed past business partners and became a real friendship.  Although Woodroof would not admit it, I believe that he loved Rayon and thought of her as a true friend.  I think this part of the film has a great lesson that can be learned by all, the classic: don’t judge a book by its cover.

McConaughey did a phenomenal job getting into character.  He seemed to take this role very seriously since he was playing Woodroof who was a real person. McConaughey lost 40 pounds for this role and grew his hair and mustache out. McConaughey brings a surreal rawness to this character and deserves each nomination that he is receiving.

This film was great at capturing the frustration of those with AIDS.  These people were forced to wait around for a medicine that would make them better.  Dallas Buyers Club is a very real picture and it is not for the light hearted.

Four out of five stars


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