Girlfriends make the best boyfriends

Dayna Bloch
Managing Editor

February 27, 2014

We’ve all been guilty of it, rushing off to see a guy before realizing you’re bailing on ‘girls night.’ It’s easy to take for granted something that’s always been there but we need to keep in mind the ones who keep us sane. Guys are always fun but there’s a few reasons why our best girl friends make the best boyfriends.

They always have what you need. Hair ties, tampons, lipgloss; you name it a girl needs it, and more than likely your girl has it when you don’t.

You can be a ‘hot mess’ in front of them and they won’t care. Like the time you fell down the stairs, ripped your dress, and had to find a cab ride home because you couldn’t make the walk. Your friends will be the one pick you up off the ground without a judgement.

They dress impeccably. And let you borrow whatever you want to wear. You don’t have to question the texts you send them. They aren’t judging you, sending you mixed signals, or trying to date you, so trying to be impressive via text isn’t a problem.

They give you the same endless advice about whatever, until you don’t need that advice anymore. And they say it with a smile on their face no matter how many times you’ve repeated the mistake.

They don’t make you watch sports. Instead they make you catch up on the Pretty Little Liars episode you missed last week because they are just as addicted as you are.

They take the best pictures on your smartphone. They know exactly how to work that phone you’ve dropped one too many times, as well as what filter you look best under.

They have their life together when you don’t. It’s like an underlying rule that when your life is a mess your friend is fine and ready at a moments notice to take care of you, just like you would do for her if her’s was a mess.

They’re always willing to try something new with you. No matter what it is, looking like an idiot isn’t as embarrassing with your friends by your side.

They love to go out and dance even if they don’t really know how. And they dress up with you so you’re not the only one wearing pumps and a mini skirt.


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