Keep your piercing from getting gross

Ariel Guerra
Design Manager

February 27, 2014

Utilize a Q-tip and salt water solution to clean fresh piercing and avoid infection. Photo courtesy of

Utilize a Q-tip and salt water solution to clean fresh piercing and avoid infection. Photo courtesy of

Spring is just around the corner and with that comes incredibly nice weather. It is also a common time to get new piercings. Piercings can be as dangerous as they are cool looking. Often times the fine line between an infection and death is how one takes care of them.

Depending on what part of the body a person pierces there are many different recommendations to keeping a new piercing well maintained. Never forget to wash your hands before handling your piercing. Never touch a piercing dirty hands. This can lead to nasty infections.

For facial piercings one must be sure to make a sea-salt solution in order to clean out the piercing. A sea-salt solution is made up of a tablespoon of sea-salt and a cup of lukewarm water. Depending on where the piercing is you can invert the sea-salt in a shot glass in order to soak the piercing. Q-tips dipped in a sea-salt solution can also be used.

An additional tip to help the healing process is by using tea-tree oil. The oil is a soothing liquid that cools and refreshes irritated piercings and is concentrated so even a small dosage can help with the healing process. To apply the oil take a Q-Tip or a cotton ball and apply directly to the piercing.

If you find that your new piercing is infected shy away from using hydrogen-peroxide. Aside from it killing germs it also kills white blood cells that aid in the healing process. It can cause irritation and lengthen the overall healing time. Use the above sea-salt soak and a bit of Dial anti-bacterial soap instead.

By utilizing the above steps you can keep your piercing clean and healthy making it a fun springtime accessory.


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