New Marvel movie stirring excitement

Heather Treaster
Staff Writer

February 27, 2014

Marvel’s newest comic-to-movie conquest has been announced: “The Guardians of the Galaxy”. Why should you care? The movie is written and directed by James Gunn, who is

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responsible for works such as the remake of “Dawn of the Dead” and “Movie 43”. Don’t forget to include the wonder of a Marvel plot line and a star-studded cast to top it all off.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is about a human, Peter Quill, who is a thief, burglar and liar. He attempts to steal an orb, but knows little of its power and the super villain Ronan begins to hunt him for the orb.

To evade the movie’s main adversary, Quill hooks up with four other ex-convicts with extraordinary powers. After the group, which calls themselves “The Guardians of the Galaxy”, learns of Ronan’s plan, they engage in a war that could determine the fate of the universe.

Sounds pretty action-filled, doesn’t it? If you don’t like action, don’t worry. The trailer is spotted with little bits of humor, so the movie is sure to be as well. Now on to the cast:

Peter Quill, also known as Star Lord, is played by Chris Pratt. Pratt is most known for his roles in “Moneyball” (as Scott Hatteberg) and “Parks and Recreation” (as Andy Dwyer). He is known to be charming and funny, the perfect setup for a major transformation in his character throughout the movie.

Next we have Gamora, who is the last of her race and raised to be a weapon. She is portrayed by Zoe Saldana. Saldana is famous for her role as Uhura in the Star Trek movies, but has also starred as Neytiri in “Avatar”.

Drax, a character who goes on a murderous rampage prior to the movie’s commencement, is played by WWE superstar Dave Bautista. A perfect actor for a role based on strength.

Meanwhile, Rocket, who is an expert marksman (and also a raccoon), is voiced by Bradley Cooper. The final member of the team is Groot, an alien plant creature who’s Rocket’s bodyguard. Both Groot’s movement and voice come from actor Vin Diesel.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” has been affectionately nicknamed ‘Space Avengers’ by those working on it. It is promised to be action filled and attention grabbing. This movie is guaranteed to be the blockbuster of the summer you’ll be talking about until next Christmas.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” will be released in theatres on Aug. 1.

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