Police Reports

Date Rec Time Rec Responding  Officer Location Description
2/8/14 7:32:00 PM Getz Fairview Suites Drug Offense-report of an odor of marjuana.  No marijuana or paraphernalia found.
2/9/14 2:10:00 AM McCauley Fairview Suites Underage Drinking-RA warned people about being loud and overheard people talking about drinking.  Officers dould not detect any signs of alcohol consumption.  Incident referred to Student Life.
2/9/14 3:33:00 AM Merryman Smith Hall RD observed an individual with a traffic cone enter Woolridge Hall and stopped another person heading into Smith Hall.
2/9/14 1:51:00 PM Shoemaker McEntire Hall RA found a baggy of marijuana laying on the 1st floor elevator lobby.  Marijuana disposed off.
2/9/14 7:39:00 PM Getz Student Rec Center Theft of wallet.
2/10/14 9:37:00 AM Bissman Health Professional Building Medical ambulance call.   EMS transported female to LHER.
2/10/14 11:05:00 AM Shoemaker Russell Hall Suspicious male with his dog hanging around outside of Russell Hall close to Hope Center.  Officer made contact with male and everything checked out.  Case closed.
2/10/14 1:20:00 PM Shoemaker Ivy Lane Employee reported a white A frame sign missing or stolen from Ivy Lane.  Sign was found leaning against Stevenson Library.  Case closed.
2/11/14 5:52:00 PM McCauley Woolridge Hall Received a report of a fall victim.  Victim stated he fell on some ice between Fairview Suites and Woolridge hall and hurt his ankle.  Victim declined ambulance and was able to walk.
2/12/14 12:21:00 AM Wertz McEntire Hall Odor of burnt marijuana.  Upon arrival, area checked ending in negative results.
2/12/14 4:56:00 PM Coxford E Main Street LHPD investigating an incident involving a white female with dark hair taking pictures at a local bank.  She stated she was a LHU student and doing a newsletter.  Asked to leave.  She was outside the business taking pictures of employees leaving for the day.
2/13/14 8:32:00 PM N Fairview Street Report of individuals across from Fairview Suites throwing snowballs.
2/13/14 6:50:00 PM Coxford McEntire Hall Responding to a report of a male student hallucinating.  Male transported to LHER and incident referred to Student Life.
2/14/14 10:12:00 PM Coxford Campus Village Resident student with alcohol and weapon in his room.  Items confiscated and incident referred to Student Life.

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