Bring out your dead

Vicky Kramer
Staff Writer

March 27, 2014

What if people randomly began coming back from the dead? What if it happened and the opportunity arose to bring back someone of your own choice? Would you take advantage of it? On “Good Morning America,” these sorts of questions were posed in response to the new hit series on ABC, “Resurrection.”

“Resurrection” tells the story of multiple families who have lost loved ones that suddenly seem to come back from the dead. The reanimation of these lost loved ones is a blessing and a curse to many of the families. “Resurrection” has two characters that have come back from the dead so far. Both characters were dead for many years before returning. When they returned, they were “dropped off” in places they had never been when they were alive. Neither character recalls dying, but they both have accurate recollections of past memories as well as their first thoughts when they came back to life.

If this phenomenon was actually possible, would you want to experience someone coming back from the dead? What if you could choose who would come back? I would love to have this opportunity. There are so many people I would love to reconnect with and some who I would like to answer questions that remain unknown. First and foremost, I would bring back my grandfather. Many have heard the saying “if I only had one more day.” This plays in my mind a lot and makes me think about what I would do if given the opportunity to be with my grandfather again. There are so many things I would want to tell him and do with him.

The premise of “Resurrection” creates this scenario of the dead coming back. That being a possibility brings great comfort for a person missing a loved one. Aside from family, there are other people that I would bring back from the dead to ask some tantalizing questions. For example, I’d ask Amelia Earhart what really happened to her and if she landed her plane. I would also bring back major political figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks.

The scenario could be a utopia, but what’s the real cost of comfort, more time and answers? If humans were given the option to bring people back, that may not be a good thing. What if someone wants to bring a terrorist or a murderer? Not only would that affect the lives of the loves ones of their victims, but it would likely lead to more heinous crimes and the loss of more innocent lives. Humans have free will and ultimately some people are flawed. There is an abundance of evil found in the world today. Giving us the choice to bring someone back to life and to decide who may not be in our best interest. Hopefully we’ll never have to worry about it. But just in case life ever does turn into “Resurrection,” let’s let nature take care of who it wants to come back; maybe the rest will take care of itself.


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