Dayton Flyers: breaking brackets

Chris Fravel
Staff Writer

March 27, 2014

When I had originally picked my bracket, I had the Dayton Flyers upsetting Ohio State in the round of 64 because I dayton 1knew the Flyers were underrated and the Buckeyes were vulnerable in a lot of spots. Why I didn’t have the same thought-process for the Flyers’ potential match-up against the Syracuse Orange is beyond me, I had ‘Cuse beating Dayton and even making it to the Elite Eight. Silly me.

The Dayton Flyers have been officially dubbed this year’s “Cinderella story” after beating two nationally-ranked teams in a row during the NCAA tournament. After upsetting Ohio State, Dayton busted a lot of brackets with their win in the round of 32 against Syracuse. The Orange had been on a skid, yes, but many people thought Jim Boeheim would get his team back to playing to their potential by the time the NCAA tournament rolled around.

Unfortunately that was not the case and the Flyers confounded yet another “premier” team in the NCAA tournament. The key players for Dayton are Dyshawn Pierre and Devin Oliver. Pierre leads the dayton 2team with 13 points per game, while Oliver leads the team with 2.5 assists per game. The duo both lead the team in rebounds, averaging 7 boards a-piece.

How long will this run last for the Flyers? Can Dayton continue its winning ways? It’s not hard to imagine as their next game is against Stanford.

The Cardinal have proven that they can throw punches with the elite of the tournament with their upset wins over New Mexico in the round of 64 and Kansas in the round of 32. Let’s face it though, they’re a very beatable opponent for Dayton. Not to mention the Florida Gators have not been playing as solidly as they would have hoped, showing some real holes in their game in the rounds of 64 and 32 this year.

A keen eye should be kept on the Dayton Flyers as their time to make a run is right now. Dayton is for real, folks; and they could make a deeper impact on this year’s tournament than most people were expecting. Watch the Dayton Flyers for yourself on Thursday night at 7:15 EST on CBS in their Sweet Sixteen game against the Stanford Cardinal.


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