Fashion trends to follow this Spring

Cierra Cook
Staff Writer

March 27, 2014

Spring trends will begin to blossom as the warm weather approaches. Fashion magazines have listed their top spring trends. There is something for everyone this spring whether it be new makeup or something as simple as shorts.

Board Shorts

Lets not forget about the guys. Board shorts are going to come in and spice up the style of every guy. This trend should continue into the summer.


Everyone loves the satisfaction of making something for you. You can make your own jewelry or find a great way to design your own shirt. An example of this is a safety pin necklace.


Clothing with bold designer labels printed across it shows off your fierce status.


Although bold prints are nice, sometimes keeping it simple can make you stand out also. Keeping your look clean and fresh is always a way to stay modest. This 90’s trend is making a comeback.

The Low Pump Heel

This trend from the 80’s is back in style. Having the heel not be so big is not only a trend right now, it also is much more comfortable on your feet.

Tribal Touches

Fringe and bold tribal patterns will spice up any wardrobe. Keep your wardrobe fun and carefree with this type of look. Gold Tones Gold is always the color of flare, making this a part of your wardrobe will make you a stand out among the rest. Bright Metallic Hues Brightening up your wardrobe will not only make you happy, but will make everyone around you happy.


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