‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ off to a funny start

Christine Nolthenius
Staff Writer

March 27, 2014

Photo courtesy of nydailynews.com

Photo courtesy of nydailynews.com

Former SNL members have infiltrated NBC’s late night line-up and so far, it really works. Back in February, NBC’s late night schedule got a well-deserved makeover.

After only one month the show began find its footing. Jimmy Fallon moved up a time slot to The Tonight Show after Jay Leno retired (for real this time). Then a week later former SNL head writer Seth Meyers followed, by taking over Fallon’s place on Late Night. Meyers is also joined by fellow SNL alum Fred Armisen, as pseudo sidekick and leader of the 8G Band.

When Late Night with Seth Meyers debuted he showed great promise, but there was no denying it was a bit shaky. The only difference between his monologue and his former SNL Weekend Update delivery was he was now standing, instead of sitting behind a desk. His display of nervous energy was apparent but that was to be expected. Week after week, Meyer’s has grown more comfortable being the star of the hour long program. While each of his episodes follows a similar pattern, they are never dull.

One of the funniest bits comes after the monologue, when Meyers asks Armisen a question about a fake “project” he’s doing. The other week Meyer’s asked him “I heard you bragging backstage that you got a part in the new Star Wars movie, is that true?” To which Armisen replies yes, that he’s playing the planets and outer space in general. The funniest part of this bit comes from the fact that Armisen never knows what Meyers is going to ask him that night. He just responds with the first thing that comes to mind, and goes with it. They have a very natural rapport due to working together for many years previously, and it’s entertaining to watch on screen.

Another standout part of Late Night is Meyer’s addition of personal stories. In each episode he tells us a three minute story about something that happened in his real life. He discusses everything from his family, wife, and dog, to getting really drunk on St. Patrick’s Day and invading an employee’s only restroom. It adds something fresh to the usual talk show discussion points of celebrities, politics, and news. Meyers has proven that he has what it takes to be the next great late night host. On just his second show he was able to get Kanye West to laugh a number of times, and we know Kanye doesn’t just laugh for anyone. Late Night with Seth Meyers airs Monday through Friday nights at 12:35 a.m. on NBC.

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