LHU students await Spring

Lisa Conner
Staff Writer

March 27, 2014

Spring is one of the most colorful seasons. The green leaves on the trees begin to comeback, flowers start to bloom and the trees on Fairview Street blossom. The spring in a way symbolizes rebirth.

Much like nature, LHU seems to come alive and the students come out from their winter hibernation. The students here each enjoy spring in their own way. One of the best parts about spring is the warmer weather. The student here at LHU look forward to the opportunity to spend time outdoors.

“I like being able to go to the dike at any point of the day and enjoy the warmth,” Sophomore Kelsey Greenisen. She is not alone in enjoying this warmer weather because sophomore Samantha Solomin said, “I enjoy walking downtown and being able to look at things without freezing.”

Brooke Snyder a junior at LHU also expressed her interest in going for walks and going running outside. Junior Booker Riddick also enjoys getting to be outside, “I like walks outside and football junior”.

Walking and going for runs is not all that LHU students like to do, junior Josh Conklin likes getting to ride his bicycle to campus. However there are more activities to do outside that don’t involve a lot of physical activity that students enjoy. Junior Alex Singer said that she likes flying kites and launching rockets at the park.

With the warmer weather also comes a major change in wardrobe. Taylor Thompson, a freshman at LHU, acknowledges this positive change. “I like getting to wear cute spring clothes,” Taylor said. Getting outside is a great perk to spring and it can help make the end of the semester more bearable. The change from sweaters and coats to light jackets and tank tops also adds a fresh perspective.

So take your books and study outside or go for a walk on the dike by the river. Relieve your stress and put on some lighter clothes and enjoy breathing in that nice fresh spring air.


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