‘Divergent’ delves into a futuristic world with action and romance

Sierra Cook
Staff Writer

April 3, 2014

The highly anticipated first edition of the critically acclaimed book series “Divergent” hit theaters this past weekend.

The movie directed by Neil Burger features the life of a girl (Shailene Woodley) in a futuristic Chicago that is placed in a political system of factions. After a great war the faction system was developed to keep the peace within the society. The main character Tris must choose which faction she will become a part of. Will she choose to stay with her family in their faction, or will she join the daredevil Dauntless faction?

Woodley brought great life to her character Tris. She wrestles with her fate of finding out she is divergent, and struggles to pass the initiation within the faction. She encounters James’ character, a mysterious man named Four (Theo James) who helps her in her struggle to figure out what being a divergent means. The relationship between these characters will keep you wanting more.

The strife of the characters in their initiation process’ and how much weight is put on this is something that struck me. Once these characters choose a faction they cannot go back home. This one choice predicts their whole future and whether they become the factionless. The pressures of this causes one of the characters to commit suicide, because he was at the bottom of the class and faced becoming factionless. These pressures are a theme that is intertwined throughout the whole movie, and are reminiscent of the pressures of society..

Overall this film captures its audience. This is a great movie for all audiences. Hopefully the second installment of the series lives up to the first.

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