Group raises human-trafficking awareness

Jaimee Kester
Lifestyles Editor

April 3, 2014

A nationally recognized Lock Haven senior is organizing a vigil to raise awareness for human trafficking for the second year in a row. Aaron “AJ” Jackson, a senior fitness major, is bringing awareness to human trafficking through his End It Movement on April 9 from 7-9 p.m. on Russell Lawn.

Last year Jackson started the movement in collaboration with New Life, an on campus Christian fellowship group. His movement gained national attention when he was featured on CNN for his efforts to stop human trafficking. The End It Movement addresses all types of human trafficking including sweatshops, forced prostitution and workers being forced to leave their home countries and work in the U.S. for low wages. J

ackson stresses that this is a problem that affects everyone. “This is something that everyone is a part of,” said Jackson. “Just look at your clothing tags, they were made in another country by someone in a sweatshop. This is why justice here is justice everywhere.”

Jackson is also president of Full Gospel Fellowship and is using his connections on campus to get other groups and organizations involved with the movement. Sophisticated Ladies, Black Student Union, Zeta Phi Beta, Protestant Campus Ministries and The HOPE Center are just some of the clubs that will be present at the End It Movement.

Jackson requests that everyone attending the vigil wear red and black in support of ending human trafficking. There will be speakers, poetry and a candlelight vigil. T-shirts will also be on sale with all proceeds benefitting the End It Movement.

Although Jackson is graduating in the spring he wants to continue to raise awareness and bring people together to stop this tragedy. “A lot of people made fun of me last year when I started this,” said Jackson. “But I ended up being on CNN. At the end of the day I made a difference and got the word out.”

Lisa Conner, a junior communication major, has also been working with Jackson to bring awareness not only to the End It Movement, but to human trafficking in general. She created a Facebook page with more information on the event and how people can get involved.

“Something needs to be done to end this cruelty to our fellow man,” said Conner. “Just because it isn’t happening here in Lock Haven doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.”

For more information about the End It Movement students can contact Jackson at or visit the Facebook page by searching “LHU End It Movement.”

“We can’t be silent about this,” said Jackson.


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